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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Jul 25, 2013 11:36am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: and Some uncool shots.

Isn't that Rosie McGee with Bobby? I think I remember her talking about getting caught up in this bust. She was a guest on Tri Studios during an interview about her memoirs - describing the '64 to '74 era.

There's another very UNcool "big event" that always bugged me, because I'm a punk from NJ.

On March 27, 1973, Jerry Garcia was pulled over for what should have been a routine speeding ticket in New Jersey. The traffic stop turned into a full-on nightmare for the Grateful Dead leader when police searched his car, resulting in a charge for drug possession.

He and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter had a day off while on tour, so they decided to drive to the next date in Springfield, N.J. Two hours into their leisurely drive, they were pulled over by New Jersey State Trooper Richard Procahino as Garcia was doing 71 mph in a 60 zone.

As Garcia opened up his travel bag to get his driver’s license, the officer noticed a plainly visible bag of pot. Though Garcia also had cocaine residue on him, the state trooper did not discover that. Hunter made a couple of phone calls and an old friend of Garcia’s, John Scher, came to his rescue with the $1000 bail. Garcia escaped relatively unscathed, sentenced to a year of probation for possession.

I've written essays here about cops pulling me over for "driving while Hippie" --

-- me getting busted and becoming a NJ Deadhead, how I began taping GD in 1973

-- me going to Rochdale College in Toronto, and what about The Festival Express in 1970

Hey Jerry!! Shit man, you're supposed to be chillin' it on the NJ Turnpike - especially when you're driving "dirty" like that. Fuck man, here's another story for you! Even driving to NJ from Colorado in the late 1980's - a friggin' NJ Trooper pulls me over before I hit the first mile marker driving into NJ on The NJ Turnpike (an infamous piece of shit highway, smelly as hell in places). The Trooper-coward shook me down, profiled me, rattled the shit of me, and demanded to know WtF I was DOING in NJ - driving my pickup there with Colorado license plates. While he ran my ID, I told him I was a punk from NJ just visiting there. He let me go after ten minutes of bullshit cop-practice and terrorizing me. I was as clean as a whistle and he hated me for that. I drove away with a smirk and he followed me until he turns off at the next exit. He gets to the end the exit ramp, and then I spotted him making an aggressive U-turn maneuver, and he gets right back up on my ass. He pulls me over a second time. For thirty more fucking minutes this scumbag-terrorist fucking cop insists I'm up to no good, stating over and over and over again, "You're not coming to NJ to visit here. You're lying to me. I'm gonna bust you as soon as I figure this thing out." This storm-trooper bitch searched me and my truck three or four times. It was very disgusting to me! Finally the dispatcher radios this butt-wipe piece of shit low-life ilk to get his fat ass back to the donut shop, asap. This was 1988.